A review of Poundland’s makeup range

blusherWHEN I first found out that Poundland had produced its own makeup range, I was snobbishly unimpressed. However, after popping into the store and seeing the collection, I thought ‘what if these products are just as good as my go-to makeup collections?’

The average woman in Britain ends up forking out over £130 a year on makeup, so this could be dramatically reduced if you’re only paying £1 a product, right?

So I bought five items that I regularly use in my makeup routine to test out. The results were surprising…

foundationLiquid Foundation – Ivory 

The foundation was the first product that I decided to use, as the base of my makeup. The tube boasts added vitamins and UVA protection, and a matte finish, not bad for £1! The weight of the tube is very light, although perhaps that’s because I’m used to the heavy bottles of Rimmel, Maybelline and L’Oreal.

The first observation I made was the distinct smell; it’s an almost plastic-y smell (not particularly nice considering you’re spreading it on your face!) But I ignored this and proceeded to massage it into my face. The coverage wasn’t terrible, it was a bit uneven and when dry it became a bit tacky. The colour was a bit orange but light enough for my face. I had to use more than I would normally for a better coverage, but once applied it wasn’t bad. I probably wouldn’t want to use this for everyday coverage.


foundation 2

Liquid Eyeliner – Black 

I was pleasantly surprised at how aesthetically pleasing the bottle and applicator was for this eyeliner. After opening, I inspected the brush applicator – it was extremely thin, however, after nearly 6 years of applying liquid eyeliner every day, I took the challenge on.

The application was a little tricky; the brush is so thin that you have to have a particularly steady hand. I wouldn’t recommend this eyeliner if you are starting out with makeup, as you will be there for hours trying to correct it with a makeup wipe!

However the liquid itself was strong in colour, and actually looks really good once applied. It created a smooth line that I am really pleased with. For the price, this is definitely worth the money.


liquid eyeliner

Blusher – Soft Blush 

The powder blusher was my most spontaneous purchase, as I don’t normally wear it. However, I thought that I’d try it out.

The powder was extremely dusty, and covered my MAC blusher brush completely with one light touch. Once gently put on my cheeks, it required a little blending with my fingers, as the colour is quite intense. However, once rubbed in, it actually looked quite nice, giving my cheeks a nice rosy tint. I will probably add this to my makeup routine.



Colour Moisture Lipstick – Choca Mocha 4 

I bought this lipstick as I have been wanting one in a pinkish light brown for a while, and it seemed like the perfect colour. The case itself is not the best in terms of design: the top of the lipstick protrudes meaning placing back into the lid proves a task without jabbing the lipstick against it.

However once applied, I was pleasantly surprised again; it was really creamy and smooth, without caking my lips. The colour was prominent and actually suited my skin well. The only issue was the plastic-y type smell/taste, however, I will probably wear this lipstick on a day-to-day basis for the colour regardless. It’s worth the money for colour and moisture.


lipstickQuick Dry Nail Varnish – Winter White 2 

This was my favourite purchase of all the products. Although, when first applied, it seems a little runny and weakly coloured, once layered up, it produces a really professional, quick drying colour that looks really good. For £1, you really can’t go wrong – I’m going to go back and stock up on colours.


nailvarnishnailvarnish 2