Earth Hour 2015: What’s it all about?

Eath Hour LogoIN LESS THAN 7 hours, 8:30 pm GMT, it will be Earth Hour. Most of you will have no real idea of what this is or what it is in aid of. Earth Hour is an event set up by the WWF, that’s the Environmental nature charity and not the wrestling people! The idea behind Earth Hour is to get as many electrical items as possible switched off across the globe. This is to not only save on electricity and thereby reduce carbon emissions, but also to increase awareness of climate change, and the effects on the world’s inhabitants and, of course, focus our attention on the planet itself. Adding to this idea, this year the charity is also encouraging people to pay extra attention to the earth’s oceans using the #fishface challenge. The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the WWF have come together to get people to make a fish face and then challenge their friends and family on twitter to make one in return. The idea is to raise awareness of the MSC and the work they do. The MSC work to encourage sustainable fishing by working with a number of partners.

This is something that everyone can get involved in no matter where you are. It is simple and easy to do so. Turn off your TVs and laptops for one hour today. Head to the WWF Earth Hour website for more information, resources and fun things! As well as this, check out their Twitter @wwf_uk and Tweet them with #fishface and #EarhthHourUK to find out about chances to win prizes and show your support at events up and down the country.