10 things you learn from being a student in Aberystwyth

BEING an Aberystwyth student is a unique experience, here are 10 things you learn from being a student in Aberystwyth.

1. Your Geography skills will improve – Having friends spread over the country means that you’ll have to know vaguely where everyone lives in order to meet up during the holidays – you’ll hear village names you’ve never heard of that sound like they’re from Lord of The Rings, town names that you get muddled up with the actual student’s name, obscure counties that you didn’t think were actually inhabited, and it’s unavoidable that the great North v South debate will come up at least once a month.

Aberystwyth from consti

Photo – Rebecca James

2. You can’t stay in Aber without taking advantage of the surrounding area. Whether it be visiting Devil’s Bridge, walking or catching the train to Borth, or even just walking up constitution hill or spending a day on one of the beaches, it’s impossible to sit in your room and hide for a whole year.

3. You’re going to earn yourself a stupid nickname, most probably from something silly you do during freshers, or sometimes just unfortunately that’s ‘simply who you are’. Some from our flat were: Bucket, Swag, Briefcase and Smithy, just to name a few. If you’re lucky, they’ll fizzle out after a couple of months. Those few, less fortunate souls will try their hardest to shake the name but I’m sorry it’s just not going to happen.

4. By the end of the year, you won’t be able to take a trip around town without bumping into at least three other people you know. Most of the time this is great and makes you feel incredibly sociable, but if you’re in a rush, or trying to avoid a particular person, things can get complicated.

5. Despite how you feel at the start of your degree, the hills of Aberystwyth will do wonders for your legs, and the dreaded Penglais and Cardiac hills WILL get easier to climb. Just keep at it. By the end of the year you’ll be stumbling up it back from a night out along with the rest of us.

6. Cooking in a tiny student kitchen you’ve got to share with at least five others is not all it’s cracked up to be. You started off the year telling your parents you’ll cook healthy nutritious meals. Within a term, you’ve got neither the time nor the money for that kind of rubbish. Throwing in a pizza or a microwave meal is all you can summon the energy to do after a hard day of lectures.

7. You’ll quickly work out which pubs and bars to visit on which nights of the week. White Horse £1 nights are a must do, and downies double vodka and coke for just £1.75 is perfect if you’re still not feeling the effects of alcohol and your friends are ready to hit Yokos or Pier.

8. You won’t have as much time to yourself as you think. That TV series you’ve been dying to catch up on? Forget about it. Books you wanted to read? No chance. Skyping your family in peace? Only if you lock your door. You’re flat mates will be in and out of your room constantly, and you’ll learn to love them for it and miss them when they’re not there making your room look untidy.

9. The people you know separately will actually know each other, just through a different route. That cute guy in your physics class will know that girl that’s on the swimming team with you through the hiking society, or your flatmate will be best friends with a boy in history who you know through your ex-boyfriend’s scout group from home. The connections are endless.

10. And finally, you’ll realise that choosing to come to Aberystwyth was one of the greatest decisions you will ever make in your life. Yes, your parents had reservations about the distance, and the 3 hour train journey to Birmingham is ridiculously slow, but the friends and memories you’ve made here will last a life time and you wouldn’t change it for the world.