Tarannau on to the Play-Offs

Tarannau MarchTARANNAU Tarannau are one of Wales’ oldest American Football clubs, and they finished their BUCS league top of the league and unbeaten. The Courier sat down with Curtis Williston, Josh Culling and Ciaran Campbell following an impeccable regular season.

So, how’s the season going so far?

Josh Culling: Sick.

Curtis Williston: Couldn’t be going much better to be honest, we’ve won every game so far. We beat UCLAN by 33 to 22 which meant we won the division (BUCS North-West).

Ciaran Campbell: We just beat Stafford as well, 54-6.

For how long have you been playing American Football?

JC: I’ve been playing for five years.

CW: This is my fourth year now, I only started playing when I came to Uni.

CC: Yeah, three years.

What attracted you to it?

CW: I used to play other sports, football, basketball when I was younger but I was looking for a new sport and American Football fitted the bill.

Who do you support in the NFL (National Football League)?

JC: The [San Diego] Chargers.

CW: I used to be a Jacksonville [Jaguars] fans but now I’m more just a fan of the NFL ‘cos I can’t deal with the losing.

CC: I’m a [Cleveland] Browns fan. They didn’t have a bad year and I’ve followed Johny Manzel since college.

Do you think having NFL fixtures in London is a good thing?

CW: Yes, when I first started following the sport, there were a couple of people I knew who would follow American Football and now it’s on the television, everyone comes to watch the Super Bowl. There’s an intrigue to it now.

CC: When we train and play at Blaen [dolau] people always walk past with their dogs and stop to watch us now.

Do you have any national or international representatives on your roster?

JC: I’ve played for Great Britian twice, played against Serbia and Italy. Serbia were good, they were massive. We smashed Italy, lost to Serbia, but got off the plane and played them [Serbia] straight away.

CW: I’ve had trials and been part of the Junior squad before, but unfortunately my trials (at Loughborough University) didn’t go to plan this year.

What are your opinions on the sports facilities here in Aberystwyth?

CW: Terrible, the astro’s crap, the 3G pitch is too small and Blaen [dolau]’s a floodplain. There’s no real place to play, Vicarage Fields is the only decent pitch.

JC: Yes, but they won’t let us play on it! We’re not allowed on it.

CC: Our gameday manager’s even been in contact with Newtown regarding their 3G pitch, which we can use whenever as a back-up.

JC: We’d still prefer Glasgow (BUCS play-off fixture) on Blaendolau as Glasgow are used to a water based astro turf surface.

CW: A lot of the teams we play in this league play on 3G pitches and they come to Aber, get down to Blaen[dolau] and cry!

CC: But we’re used to it.

Finally, thoughts on a proposed change of kit colour for TimAber sides?

CW: That’s a pain.

CC: We’ve got a really good old boys system and I don’t think they would be happy about that sort of change.

JC: It’s a big tradition, this club’s 25 years old, so they wouldn’t like the idea.

CC: We spent £2,000 on this season’s kit too!

JC: Tarannau will never not be blue and white, the old boys won’t allow it.

CW: If the Union wnat us to be purple and yellow they can subsidise us our kits.