Top tips for handling your workload

IN LIGHT of the recent results some people may now be panicking. Don’t. Here are some top tips as how to handle your workload and still come out with decent grades. Firstly, don’t leave your work to the last minute. I know this sounds obvious but if you leave it that late then you run the risk of a) not handing it in at all, b) handing it in unfinished and c) at the very least it will not be your best possible quality of work. All of your deadlines should be on your course page or on blackboard in the module handbook. Make a note of them and aim to hand everything in so you have at least 24 hours before the deadline to look over it again.

workloadAs well as this, planning is key. You wouldn’t go into an exam if you didn’t know anything about it so don’t try to write an essay on something you haven’t properly researched. A few hours at least researching and planning will save you a lot of leg work and a lot of dropped marks. Don’t spend all day inside looking at your computer screen. Allocate time for you to do the things you like (sport, the cinema or seeing friends) and use that as motivation to get your work done.

Collaborative study sessions can help you much more than you would expect. If you have friends on your course that have the same deadline as you then drag them to the library and write your essays at the same time. I do not mean plagarise at all, I just mean that if you are all doing it together then it requires less motivation. Your peers are brilliant for proof reading your essays because you will have put a multitude of spelling mistakes in that Word hasn’t picked up on.

Most importantly don’t fight the way you work best. If you get consistently good grades pulling an all nighter the night before an assignment is due in then that’s brilliant. However, for most people this isn’t the case. If you can be up for 9am and sit in the library until dinner then use it but if you can’t then don’t fight it. Caffeine fueled trips to the library and Rosser lounge don’t make you a bad person or a bad student, they just make you human.