Stop wasting your time

studyingAS EASY as it is to not be bothered to go to your lectures, not going is a complete waste of time. You are paying £9,000 to be at university so not going is a waste of money as well; £3000-£9000 a year, for 20 weeks of classes. If you have 3 lectures and 3 seminars in a week, you are wasting £25 per missed session, at a very rough mathematical estimate. Unless you have to go home for something really important, like a medical emergency or a family bereavement, then you shouldn’t have to miss much.

Studies show that there is a positive correlation between attendance and good grades. By not going to your lectures, you automatically put yourself in a more awkward position and will have to put in the additional leg work to catch up. Yes, for most lectures the slides are put on blackboard, and so are the recordings, but most lecturers give out more information in lectures than they do on the slides. Therefore, you will miss this, making it harder for you to catch up. Additionally, some modules only provide recordings to those with special circumstances or if you turn up the lectures, again, making it worse.

Your lecturers will be happier and more willing to answer your questions if you attend lectures and seminars. If they know that you have been skipping them, then they may be skeptical about helping you. The same goes to your friends; no one wants to keep telling someone what they missed because they slept in, or they were too busy watching something on iPlayer. Fair enough if it is for a genuine reason, but the people who just don’t go because they are too lazy to go really grate on me; they ask for when deadlines are, and where they can access notes, things they would already have if they had gone to lectures. These are the people that seem to float through life without any actual effort.

To be perfectly honest, we are all at university to get a degree. Extracurricular activities are all well and good, but you shouldn’t be missing lectures to attend them. How do you expect to get a degree if you don’t go to your lectures?