Men’s Hockey remain unbeaten in the League

AUMHC MarchUNBEATEN in BUCS Western 3 and in the BUCS Western Cup, going well in their local North Wales league, The Courier sat down for a chat with Aberystwyth’s most in-form side. We spoke to 1st XI captain Tom Wallis, 1st XI goalkeeper and fresher Joseph Avis, and veteran club member Ryan Links.

First things first, how’s this season going, well by looking at the results…

Ryan Links: We’ve won the BUCS title for a second year running and are undefeated for 2 years in BUCS, home and away.

Tom Wallis: We’re second in our Saturday league table too.

Your BUCS Cup semi-final against Swansea, confident?

TW: They’re a very good team.

RL: It’ll be an experience, and I think we could definitely get a result.

Joseph Avis: Swansea 1sts play three leagues above us on a Wednesday [in BUCS] and are doing well there, too.

TW: And they’re unbeaten in that league, too.

JA: They’ve got a good set-up there, they’ve got a professional coach who works with them, they do early morning fitness sessions. They’re extremely good.

TW: We’re gonna be the underdogs, but we’re hoping to use that to our advantage.

How’s recruitment for AUMHC gone this season?

TW: We had a few sign-ups in refreshers [fayre].

RL: We had 18-19 names on the list of sign-ups in freshers’, now we have a solid 30 to 40 members.

Do you have any international or national level representatives in the club?

JA: I’ve played about 16 caps for England under-18s. I’m too old to play for them now, and too young for the under-21s. I prioritised my [academic] career over my sport, that’s why I came to Aberystwyth.

How long have you been playing hockey for?

RL: Thirteen years now. Started in school and then I went along to a club. I played ice hockey, too, when I was younger, but the kit got too expensive.

JA: Started when I was 9. I’ve always played for school.

TW: Only about 7 years.

What are your opinions on University sports facilities?

RL: The astro is old, it needs ripping up and laying a new one down. It’s nicknamed the ‘House of Pain’ because it has hidden bobbles that the ball bounces up off.

JA: In every club I’ve played at there’s a home and and away changing room, here there isn’t.

What’s in store for Men’s Hockey in Varsity 2015?

RL: We have two fixtures in it again this year.

TW: The ones won last year, not too sure about the twos. One of our first team players is at Bangor and supposedly they have a very strong team. I won’t be playing as I have a geography trip to Crete that week, I get back the day after.

What are your thoughts on the proposition of changing the TimAber colours to purple and yellow?

JA: I don’t know, but I would never want to see my school colours change

TW: I think it might be see resistance with a lot of clubs.

RL: We’ve already spent a lot of money on the kit we’ve got. But if we have to change we’ll change them.

TW: At the end of the day it is now University colours, but why did they not start with that?

RL: We do graduate in red and green. I think it’ll look quite cool, but it’ll be hassle to change the kit all over.

Anything to add boys?

RL: I like the new BUCS funding system, for us we consistently score well in BUCS, but I do feel for teams that don’t.

TW: But for teams who play Saturday fixtures like us, we have to fund all that ourselves.

JA: Sport does all seem to be down to be organised by the students, the University have nothing to do with it, which is unbelievable really.