Let’s talk about… Bay24

lets talk bay24COMIC RELIEF. It’s almost upon us, and, just like Children in Need, it is a huge UK-wide event televised on the BBC… in case you didn’t already know. It would be brilliant to see Aber Uni get a spot on the show, during the part where they visit various institutions who will all be doing something different for charity. Raising money for charity is a well known past-time to the student body here at Aberystwyth, with events like RAG Week and societies such as Tickled Pink, Childreach International, Make A Wish Foundation, SKINS and UNICEF all ingrained into our community spirit. This year for Comic Relief, the Bay Radio team will be staying on air for 24 hours. Lauren, Nadine, Chris and Joel are the brave souls further complicating their irregular sleeping patterns in the name of Comic Relief and for your entertainment.

It is no secret that the majority of students are constantly strapped for cash. According to the Charities Aid Foundation:

“Fewer people in the 15 – 29 age group are giving money…[despite] The UK [being] the second most charitable nation in Northern Europe and joint 7th overall in the World Giving Index 2014.”

But how about we prove them wrong about students, show that together we can make a difference? Cliché, I know, but if everyone bought a £2 ticket to the Bay24 event, we would raise £16,600 (estimate based on The Independant’s statistics of 8,300 undergraduates). Our target is only £2400, which is less than 30p each; it’s not exactly hard to forgo your daily chocolate bar to ‘Make Poverty History’. This is exactly what Comic Relief has been helping make possible since 1985, raising over £950 million to date. Your money will help fund projects in India, South America, the Philippines, Cambodia, Afghanistan and the UK. Projects across the UK include Save The Children, The British Red Cross, End Violence Against Women Coalition, Anti-Slavery International and Innovations In Dementia CIC. Other projects can be viewed here: http://www.comicrelief.com/how-we-help

If you have trouble choosing one charity worthy of your money, why not donate to Comic Relief? Your money will go to a whole host of causes that could, or may already have, an impact on not just your life but a family members’.

Nadine Amami has something to say about our ability as a community to fund raise:

“This is a University town, with a large population of students. A generation of people that will hopefully put an end to poverty. Why start later, why not now? Just because we’re students, doesn’t mean that we can’t make a difference – quite the opposite. We have the ability to make a lot of noise, raise a lot of money, and help a lot of people. We’re incredibly fortunate to have made it to university, I don’t think we should squander that or take that for granted. I think we should work together to create a world where getting an education and a decent standard of living is a human right, a must…not a privilege. That’s not a lot to ask.”

And Lauren points out just how much difference we can make:

“We’re trying to raise awareness as much as we are a reaction through donations, so we are truly grateful for any support we can muster. £10 can pay for a young carer to have a fun day out, and £50 can pay for young girl living in a Kenyan Slum to get an education and an apprenticeship qualification, which is life changing.”

The Bay24 event itself…

Your mission: To give at least £1 towards the £2400 target.
When: 9am, Friday 13th March to 9am, Saturday 14th March.
Where: Aberystwyth Student’s Union

Bay Radio is Aberystwyth University’s “Soundtrack to your Studies”, and on this hallowed night they’ll be taking you to the break of dawn for the student-led charity event of the year. You may be reluctant to even get out of bed on a Friday 13th, and bad luck might not strike you there, but it will strike those that rely on charities such as Comic Relief. So get out of bed and visit us in the Union for a 24 hour party!

It’s hard to put in words how big this event could get with everyone’s help, but Nadine has that covered:

“We’re staying up for 24 hours, I don’t think that even comes close to the kind of suffering that people go through on a daily basis. Poverty doesn’t just affect those in the UK; this is a worldwide tragedy that we can help stop. Bay Radio has the ability to reach people all over the world (trust me, The Opinion Show gets regular listeners from Tokyo!), it’s a platform for everyone to get involved and help those less fortunate.”

If you haven’t already, check out the Bay24 promo videos to join Lauren, Nadine, Chris and Joel on their mission to raise £2400 in 24 hours…

In the daytime, local businesses will be showcasing their talents for your donations. Demon Barbers, Ultracomida, Wiff Waff, Sophie’s, Crimson Rhino, Spellbound (aka Stars), Polly, Funki Blue and Somewhere to… will all be stationed in the Union for haircuts, Garra Rufa fish spa treatments, Ping Pong, etc., promising to make your day as special as your donations will help others feel.
The soundtrack of the day will, of course, be provided by our four Bay Radio presenters. Sports clubs and societies will be undertaking small interviews throughout the day, and they will be also undergoing the cracker challenge – How many crackers can you eat in 1 minute without water? – and a small quiz involving random questions that’s sure to raise some hairs and challenge our favorite campus personalities.

The order of the day will so far include the following societies and Sports:

Women’s Hockey @ 13:00, Men’s Cricket @ 13:30, ACOG @ 14;00, Netball @ 14:15, GeogSoc @ 15:45, Men’s Rugby Union @ 16:00, American Football @ 16:30, Women’s Rugby @ 17:00.

bay24It’s great to see people getting involved, however, you can never have too many and I’m sure it will brighten up the Bay Radio team’s day if more people came in for challenges.

Don’t forget to tune into these via aberstudentmedia.com/bay-radio and check out the Bay24 Facebook page for continuous updates and message Christopher-Cameron McNaught to get your society/sport involved.

The evening will feature live music from local musicians from 7pm til 9pm, including Jed Grayston, The Adventures of Bert and Henry, Harry Randle Marsh and Emily Farr. Then comes the madness!
From 10pm to 7am the main room of the SU will be transformed into a spring break paradise, including a photo booth so you can actually remember the night, and all the crazy antics you get up to. Once again, societies and sports clubs will be battling it out in surprise challenges to spice up the evening. So if you missed Superteams, and wish you could feel the rush of your society/sport being tested to it’s limits, this is the event for you!

Featuring a live DJ set from Dynamic, Bay24 promises to be a killer night for less than entry to Pier or Yokos (WhyNot), but at this event you’ll even get taken care of as the night draws to a close. There will also be a 24 hour bar courtesy of the Union (so a big round of applause for their staff, too) which will fluctuate in price across the night as in their popular Stock Exchange events – meaning you could get some really great bargains on decent pints and spirits. What more could you want? Food? Well, food is being provided throughout the night by the Union, as well. So you can have your cheesy chips, sit on a beanbag, and have the extra drink you really wanted as Bay Radio helps you come down from 4am til 7am.

Don’t forget to stick around for the whole night, because at the break of dawn Bay24 will be cracking out the cheese with a massive group photo on the concourse to prove that the target was reached.

The target is clearly imprinted in the mind of Chris, and good luck to him:

“Ultimately, the most important thing for me is raising the £2400 target we have set! Throughout the show we will be raising awareness of what else is going for Comic Relief with live updates throughout the show. This is ASM’s biggest challenge yet, and I want to absolutely smash it!”

Joel summed up his hopes for the night too:

I’m so happy and proud to be supporting Comic Relief with ASM. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of, and I know that the work we put in to the event will pay off in us helping Comic Relief make a difference. Both of my shows on Bay Radio are 2 hours long, so it’ll be a huge difference in doing that 12 times in a row, but we’re really looking forward to the challenge. We hope that the students will come up to the Union and support us with both the events in the day and the live music at night.”bay24night

It’s really exciting to see everyone getting heavily involved with Comic Relief this year! Every bit really does help, whether it’s sharing the event on social media, attending the event, or donating on the Bay 24 Red Nose Day Giving Page.

Tickets are available behind the bar at the SU, from ASM members, the ASM office (located in the union underground), or online via https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bay-24-tickets-15979635520. Tickets will be needed after 10pm and are only £2, so maybe skip the lunchtime coffee and grab a pint for charity instead.

See you there!