Super Teams 2015 is a GO!

Super Teams 15

TODAY sees the largest ever Super Teams competition kicking-off. Sports clubs and societies were urged to enter teams in to both male and female sections of the competition, with 28 slots – more than ever before – for each section available with two leagues, ‘Justice League’ and ‘Avengers League’. Each team has ten members, so a record 560 athletes will compete in a variety of different events that include:

Basketball, Bleep Test, Campus Mile, Football, Gym Test, Tug of War, Ultimate Frizbee, 100 Metre Sprint and the Mystery Event.

The Mystery Event, which will be kept secret, is to be the final event of the Super Teams weekend on Sunday afternoon. Teams from clubs like AberSnow, AberLacrosse, Agriculture, Men’s Rugby Union and DIGS outfit Tekkerslovakia will compete in the three-day event that is the ultimate proof of fitness, athleticism and perseverance. The winners are announced on Sunday evening at the Student’s Union.

All teams should have met at 11:45am at the Student’s Union today to receive t-shirts and SuperTeams 15 booklets.