EPRG to host stall to raise awareness of University’s sustainability policy

ON TUESDAY 3rd March (today) the Environmental Politics Research Group will be outside of the Arts Centre to raise awareness about the University’s sustainability policies. The stall, which will be up between 10am and 4pm, aims to inform students about the University’s sustainability policies, carbon reduction and how you can get involved in making Aberystwyth greener. In addition to this students can sign an open letter to the University asking them to make changes to their policies to encourage a more sustainable and greener future.

The EPRG are a group of environmentally conscious people who are eager to make a change in the way the University looks at how it contributes to global warming. The aim of the event is to increase awareness amongst students as to how we all contribute to the ever growing problem of global warming and what can be done to reduce the effects we have on the environment – both individually and institutionally. The EPRG’s key focus is institutional change as because of the size of the university it can achieve so much more than individuals can in a shorter time span.

“I think a lot more serious action is needed,” Justa Hopma, one of the EPRG’s conveners, says. “Changing the way we run things in order to achieve carbon emission reductions is a difficult task which requires (wo)manpower. Institutions will need to change the way they run things eventually so they might as well do it now. Bringing about sustained change though requires serious commitment at senior management level in the form of directing financial resources and time towards the issue as well as binding regulations in the area of ethical and sustainable procurement. It’s easy to make promises and envision large scale ‘technical fixes’. Following up with resources and affecting real change in the day-to-day running of an institution seems to be much more difficult.”

Whilst Aberystwyth University is engaging with sustainability – it has two graduate trainees working full time as officers – and looking into renewable energy projects, there is still more to be done.