Elections 2015: Meet the candidates (Full Time)

CAMPAIGNING for the 2015 Students’ Union elections starts today, with voting opening at 9am on Wednesday 25th and closing at 5pm the following day.

Candidates’ manifestos can be found here.

SquareThe candidates for the five full-time officers are as follows;


  • Julia Corcoran
  • Lewis Donnelly
  • Kathleen Stannard
  • Alexander Tidy
  • Daniel Middleton

UMCA President & Welsh Affairs

  • Hanna Medi Merrigan

Activities Officer

  • Kate Hampton
  • Kelly Keat
  • Dylan O’Kelly-Lynch
  • Cameron Smyth
  • Harriet O’Shea
  • Alexander Moore
  • Suzanne Kurian
  • Jeanette Appleseed
  • Niamh Murphy

Education Officer

  • Alice Duclos
  • Lauren Marks
  • Kerry-Ann Pimlott
  • Jake Stennett
  • Will Thomas
  • Shobha Sritharan
  • William Hannell

Welfare Officer

  • Ria Landrygan
  • Auzee Rosmadee
  • Ieuan Gregory
  • John Morgan

Re-open Nominations (R.O.N) is also a candidate for all the roles above.

You can find out about the planned ASM coverage of the Union Elections here.