AU Sportsperson? Top tips when looking for a house

CHOOSING the right house for next year is always a tough decision, but here are Sport Editor Illtud Dafydd’s top tips if you’re a student athlete.

IMG_20141203_1406371. Utility Room:

Whichever sport you play, the kit that comes with it is always plenty-fold. American Football protection, lacrosse sticks, even cones and bibs can take space up. If you’re looking at private accommodation, then make sure that there is some sort of extra space, a utility type room where you can keep your kit. On top of this, no-one wants dirty or damp (or even both) kit lingering about, so get a room for it.

2. Washing Machine:

Team Captain? Club President? Is it your job to wash the kit on a weekly basis? These costs can be quite high if you’re doing it in private places, paying to use the machine, paying for powder, and having to make the voyage and spend around 2 hours waiting whilst the kit is washed and then dried! Try and get a washing machine (and a dryer combination if you’re lucky enough!) in your house and a clothes horse to dry it all. It saves on time, and money, better spent otherwise.

3. Neighbours:

Playing for a sports team is time consuming, and especially with some long and far away bus journeys. TimAber sides don’t get back from away games until 8pm at the earliest and some sides start their journeys before the crack of dawn. Making sure your neighbours are generally all students can be helpful. Coming back late on Wednesday nights could annoy some non-student neighbours and so could making noise before the sun rises.

4. Communal Areas:

Every sport comes with a key social side. Having larger than usual communal area helps, be it with Committee meetings in the lounge or socials around the kitchen table. The larger the space for a social, the more people can come along, everyone knows when it comes to sports socials, the more is the merrier! Not every committee wants to meet on Campus, so find some comfortable sofas and put them in your lounge.

5. Kitchens:

Your kitchens can be key to sporting success. Get a big fridge-freezer for all your food and nutrition and make sure the kitchen is big enough for your 5 kilogram tub of Whey Protein. Having a kitchen with vast cupboard space goes a long way to store all your slow-burning carbohydrates, as is surface space important, for your George Foreman grill to cook all your chicken breasts and “paleo” meals.

When it comes to finding a house for a sports-person, space is essential. The more the better, surrounding yourself with other members of your club is good too as it means that every house-mate understands and is singing from the same hymn sheet.