New Aberystwyth bandstand to cost £1.2m

IT HAS BEEN revealed that council leaders have agreed to push ahead with the new Aberystwyth bandstand project, even though it is expected to cost an additional £300,000 more than originally projected. This means the cost will be around the £1.2m mark.

Bandstand front view

Bandstand design front view

Council Cabinet members have agreed to find the additional funds for the project, thus enabling it to go ahead.

However, the decision has been criticised by some councillors who accused the council of concentrating funds on Aberystwyth at the expense of areas in the south of Ceredigion.

The estimated cost for the new bandstand project had been at around the £900,000 mark, as stated by Huw Morgan, the Strategic Director for Sustainable Communities.

However, due to the concerns by contractors of working in close proximity to the sea, the tenders were more in the region of the £1.2m figure. Morgan considered that the damage caused to the seafront from last years storms and the dramatic pictures from those events have caused the 300k increase.

He said: “Contractors are nervous of working close to the sea in the inter-tidal area. The pictures of Aberystwyth from last winter have put a premium on the work unfortunately.”

Council leader Ellen ap Gwynn also added: “It’s a disappointment the tenders have come in higher than we expected, but it is down to the work needed to strengthen the wall from the sea.”

The Welsh Government have awarded £570,000 worth of regeneration funding to Ceredigion Council for the new bandstand project to go ahead. Cllr Ray Quant has insisted that this payment was a “one-off” chance to receive this money which would otherwise be lost to the county.

With regards to where the extra money will come from, Gwyn Jones, the Corporate Resources Strategic Director, indicated that due to the unexpectedly higher amount of money coming from capital receipts he would recommend that some of this money be used for the bandstand project to help fill the funding gap.