The Green Bay: Your guide to sustainability (Week 1)

SUSTAINABILITY and becoming environmentally friendly have become well known phrases for everyone these days and we hope to develop on this with this new column. We will be providing you with the latest sustainability news and providing a top tip every week.

Aberystwyth awarded the Eco Campus Silver Award

In November Aberystwyth University was awarded a Silver level certificate as part of its participation in the EcoCampus National Award Scheme. The award is in recognition of the improvements that are taking place to improve the environmental sustainability of the University campuses.

The UK wide environmental management system and award scheme, EcoCampus is for the higher and further education sectors to improve their environmental standard.

Through this scheme, universities are able to systematically identify, evaluate, manage and improve their environmental performance. This is in an effort to comply with the European ISO14001 standard.

The silver accreditation demonstrates that Aberystwyth University has a clear environmental policy. It also shows that the University have started to set objectives and targets for environmental improvement.

Janet Sanders, Energy Advisor at Aberystwyth University, said; “Here at Aberystwyth we are committed to being as efficient as possible in our use of energy and natural resources in order to minimise the impact on the environment.

“We are delighted to have been awarded the Silver award. The fact that we were only awarded Bronze in May of this year also demonstrates that we are making excellent progress in our work to improve the University’s environmental performance and have a number of key initiatives planned over the coming months.”

The EcoCampus system covers many different areas, including; waste management, energy use, water efficiency, sustainable purchasing, construction and refurbishment, biodiversity, travel and community involvement. These are all important when aiming to become more environmentally conscious.

The success of becoming silver accredited means that Aberystwyth can now further develop their EcoCampus status by achieving the Gold and then Platinum statuses.

Top Tip: What can actually be recycled in Aber?

map of where to recycle

Where you can recycle in Aber. Credit: Ceredigion County Council

We all know about recycling and the clear plastic bags, but the question I often find is, what can actually be recycled? It changes from place to place, and things that look like they should be recyclable aren’t.

Firstly, food waste. This can be put into your food waste caddy. If you don’t have one or it’s blown away, you can pick them up for free from the council offices near Morrisons. Any type of food waste can go in here, bread, fruit, vegetable oil, tea bags, left overs, bones from meat and anything cooked or uncooked.

So here’s your guide on what can go in those clear plastic bags (these can be picked up for free from the tourist information centre in town, on the same road as Salt and from the council offices):

  • Paper (newspapers, magazines, junk mail)
  • Cardboard (cartons, boxes)
  • Food tins, aerosols, aluminium foil
  • Juice cartons
  • Plastics which have numbers 1-6 in the middle of the recycling triangle arrows.
    • 1- PETE
    • 2- HDPE
    • 3- PVC
    • 4- LDPE
    • 5- PP
    • 6- PS

And here’s your guide to what can’t

  • Glass
  • Any plastics with the number 7 in the middle of the recycling triangle arrows, or that states OTHER, i.e. crisps packets, CDs and plastics which contain melamine, often found in plastic cups and plates.

Glass cannot go in those bags, as I’m sure many of you have found out. Instead glass needs to be taken to bottle banks. Here’s a handy map of all the ones around town, as well as a few others.