Our top four Christmas festive ties

AS THE FESTIVE season draws nearer you may be wishing to explore the possibility of purchasing a tie to immerse yourself in the festive spirit. Here are a few ideas of options if you are struggling to decide which to buy or don’t want to buy one in case you don’t wear it again. The ties in this article should hopefully dispel any worries you have about the process of buying a festive tie to don at your Christmas parties.

snowman-santa-claus-novelty-christmas-tie-p2324-3159_imageThe cheery Christmas tie 


This tie contains some of the most stereotypical items of Christmas including Santa, snowmen, presents and snowflakes, meaning that it will not be subjected to one year. You will be able to use this again.

Perfect  for those who have a secret bit of cheek in them.

Price: £9.99

reindeer-christmas-presents-novelty-tie-p2702-4020_zoomThe reindeer tie 


This tie depicts a reindeer that has been abandoned in the process of delivering Christmas.

Perfect for those with a childish side to Christmas cheer.

Price: £9.99

HT_03_T12_1762_F4_X_EC_0 (1)The penguin tie 


The penguin tie is a little less cheesy but still keeping in the festive spirit, and a little more mature.

Perfect for those who feel they need to start acting their age

Price: £9.50

snowman-xmas-tree-gold-stars-navy-blue-novelty-silk-christmas-tie-p5730-12405_zoomSnowman tie


This tie is of a snowman standing in front of a decorated tree, under the cover of  a starry night.

Perfect for those who still feel the magic of Christmas.

Price: £14.99