London students pay £2252 a month to live on a construction site

IF YOU THOUGHT waiting months for Penglais Farm to finish was bad, students in London are paying as much as £520 a week to live on a building site.

student moneyPure City Student Living in Clerkenwell has sold all of its rooms, and though some the interiors are finished students can glance out the window to see debris, builders and of course the racket of a construction site. Inside, meanwhile, there are still exposed wires, exposed floor boards, power cuts and even eighteen students sharing one bin.

With London prices being extraordinary regardless, students were of course disgusted by the state of the halls, and many of them have moved out and demanded compensation.

Many London students find the entirety of their student maintenance loan does not cover their rent, but the situation both in price and efficiency is mirrored in Aberystwyth with rents sky rocketing.

The surprise and discontent over the standard and price of university accommodation has only become more aggressive since the rise in tuition fees. Stories of students sharing single rooms and mouldy, rat-infested halls fill the news and figures from NUS show that student accommodation prices has doubled in the last ten years – and is only going up.