Klaxons on tour

I HAVE loved Klaxons since about year seven. I remember listening to ‘Golden Skanks’ on the bus to school and thinking I was really cool and edgy because they had such a unique sound, and surely no one had listened to them before. My love for Klaxons has been fairly consistent since, and when I got the news saying the indie-rock electronic band were touring again, I just had to go to one of their gigs.

On Monday 27th October in the O2 ABC in Glasgow, I finally got to see them. We – my sister and I – got there early enough to catch the end of the first supporting act, and the whole of the second. To be brutally honest, the supporting acts weren’t much to write home about, and their sound quality was quite poor. But when Klaxons came on stage the atmosphere changed completely; the crowd filled the floor and started dancing hysterically with excitement. The atmosphere was electric.  They all wore completely white outfits which linked with the spacey theme they were trying to achieve. All the props the Klaxons used were entirely made using 3D printers, to enhance their out-of-this-universe vibe, as well as utilising ultraviolet light, smoke machines and strobes to boot.

The Klaxons - Love Frequency Shoot

The Klaxons played a mixture of some of their older and newer tracks from their album Love Frequency. The crowd loved such classics as ‘Golden Skanks’, ‘It’s Not over Yet’, ‘Atlantis to Interzone’, ‘Two Receivers’ and ‘Magick’, from Myths of a Near Future. Some newer songs they played included ‘Show Me a Miracle’, ‘Children of the Sun’ and ‘There is No Other Time’. They closed with ‘Out of the Dark’ which has been echoing in my head ever since. The gig was nowhere near a disappointment and the crowd – as well as myself – thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, in true fashion, the audience demanded an encore – which meant The Klaxons delivered another three songs. There were some members of the crowd that were enjoying themselves a bit more than others and tried to be crowd-surfed onto the stage, which was definitely a memorable moment.

I personally think that Love Frequency is highly complementary to Myths of a Near Future, and their other older albums – sticking fast to a truly Klaxons vibe throughout. The London boys are back, and are back with a bang.