This Year: DIGS

THIS year’s Digs League season promises to be one of the greatest yet. 24 teams from last year continue to participate, and the improving standard of the existing teams is sure to excite new boys Ajax Treesdown and Tekkerslovakia. The 26 sides have been divided into three level-pegging divisions as well as entered into the Aberystwyth Town Cup – the League’s premier cup competiton, the final of which is played at Park Avenue, home to Welsh Premier League side Aberystwyth Town.

2013/14 League champions We Hate Ben find themselves drawn in the Premier League alongside the team they best in the Champions Cup final, Obi Wan Kenobi Nil. They’re joined by seconds seeds Commodore FC and FC Leave-My-Arcelona, AFC Gwatch, Tekkerslovakia, SH Pandas, NotInHer Forest and Aber Kadabra.

In La Liga top seeds Pathetic Athletic and Toke City were drawn alongside Sex Panthers, Y Geltaidd, Ajax Treesdown, Ivory Toast, FC Beaver, Aberzaijan FC and AC A Little Silhouette of Milan. The Bundesliga shapes up with last year’s Premier League Champions CPD Premiership Pornstars, FC Inter Yournan, Borussia Teeth, Aber Lions, Goal Diggers, Aberconda, AUFC Freshers and Shakhtar LastNight.

The season got underway on Sunday 26th October with ten Aberystwyth Town Cup games. In the first round draw six teams received byes, including Ajax Treesdown, Notinher Forest, Aberconda, CPD Premiership Pornstars, We Hate Ben and FC Inter Yournan.

Of the ties which were played, notable results saw holders Sex Panthers progress with a 5-2 win over Commodore FC, Obi Wan Kenobi Nil overcome Shakhtar LastNight 15-1, whilst Borussia Teeth needed penalties to knock out Ivory Toast after a 4-4 draw. Elsewhere there were wins for AC A Little Silhouette of Milan, Y Geltaidd, Tekkerslovakia, AUFC Freshers, Goal Diggers, FC Leave-My-Arcelona and Toke City.
League fixtures also got underway on the 29th October with two games – James Griffiths grabbed a brace as FC Leave-My-Arcelona beat Notinher Forest 6-0 in the Premier League and Will Brown netted twice for Pathetic Athletic, who were 6-1 winners against new boys Ajax Treesdown in La Liga.

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Photo – Eddie Whitehead

Aber Town Cup Round 1:
AC ALSOM 5-3 Aberzaijan
Geltaidd 3-0 Pathetic Athletic
FC Beaver 1-8 Tekkerslovakia
AFC Gwatch 1-3 AUFC Freshers
Goal Diggers 4-2 Aber Kadabra
Sex Panthers 5-2 Commodore
Shakhtar LastNight 1-15 Obi Wan Kenobi Nil
FC Leave-My-Arcelona 6-0 Aber Lions
SH Pandas 3-3p Toke City
Ivory Toast 4-4p Borussia Teeth


FCLMA 6-0 Notinher Forest (Premier League)
Ajax Treesdown 1-6 Pathetic Athletic (La Liga)

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