Tablet ownership doubles: students now own over £4,500 worth of possessions

DURING the summer, research revealed that the average university student now owns over £4,500 worth of possessions. The research was undertaken by student insurance provider Endsleigh and indicated that £3,000 worth consists of gadgets, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Photo - Alex Tanton

Photo – Alex Tanton

The 2014 Endsleigh Student Survey was carried out by NUS Services Research Department and concluded that the average value of possession for students was £4,591, with gadgets along worth £2,883. It was also stated that laptops and netbooks were the most common item, which are owned by 96% of students – this was expected.

Additionally, 91% of students stated they own a smartphone and 40% now own a tablet (this is an increase from 23% in 2012). The survey included a sample of 2,128 students across the UK. The survey also found that laptops are the most prized possession for students, with 39% claiming that laptops were most important, with smartphones following at 32%.

There also a noted increase in other digital items, with many seeming to be popular among students. The survey showed that 37% of students now own a TV, 34% own a games console and 17% own an e-reader. Part of the survey also looked at traditional possessions, for example about a third (29%) of students take a bicycle to university.

The survey also asked what kind of apps were used on their gadgets. This included 87% using social media apps on their phones to stay in touch with friends. Additionally, it was shown that 71% of students use retails apps and 67% use free TV on demand app services. It was also shown that 55% use travel apps, 25% use fitness apps and 10% use cooking apps.

Smartphones were also considered with regards to reliance. 40% of students stated they would want a replacement within 24 hours if their phone was ever damaged or lost. 21% survey stated they would want their smartphone replaced immediately.
Sara Newell, Manager Student Markets at Endsleigh, said:

“Our research has shown us that students are investing more money than ever before to ensure they have the latest high-quality gadgets and possessions. We’ve seen over the last few years that students are becoming more reliant upon portable gadgets such as tablets and smartphones: from watching films to interacting with friends – these devices allow students to work and play while on the move.

“As students start spending more money on these expensive gadgets, it’s really important when they head off to university that they consider insurance tailored to their specific needs and don’t leave anything to chance. Too often students assume that they’re covered by their parents’ policy, which won’t necessarily insure students for loss of their most prized possessions outside their rooms or even for accidental damage.”

There was also an indication in the Endsleigh survey, that students are keen to keep up with the latest and new technology. Overall, nearly half (45%) of respondents to the survey said they intended to upgrade their smartphone within the next 12 months. The survey also showed that 20% were planning to upgrade their laptops and that 8% would upgrade their tablets.