Aberystwyth University signs agreement with Repton School, Dubai

ON THE  6th of November, in another attempt to broaden their international horizons, Aberystwyth University signed a partnership agreement with Repton School, Dubai.

As part of the agreement, the University will deliver its one year International Foundation (IF) Certificate – the successful completion of which, along with an ‘English for Academic Purposes’ test – will ensure students attending Repton School direct entry to study undergraduate programmes here in Aberystwyth.

The one year IF Certificate will be delivered through a validated, approved collaborative framework where students complete academic subjects within the International Baccalaureate Diploma, which already includes Theory of Knowledge, Community Action and Service, and a research project. Jonathan Hughes-D’Aeth, Headmaster at Repton School and Professor April McMahon, Vice-Chancellor Aberystwyth University

Speaking at the launch, Vice-Chancellor Professor April McMahon said;

“Aberystwyth University has a proud history dating back to 1872 when it was established by the people of Wales as the first Welsh university. We respect that history, but we are also looking to the future and to important international and entrepreneurial activities.This new partnership with Repton School will help prepare our next generation of students in adapting to higher educational learning, which can be quite different to the school environment.”

Each student will be registered with the University at the start of the course, and will receive guidance from the academic staff in relation to degree pathways and higher educational courses. Teaching staff from Aberystwyth will visit Repton School throughout the academic year to moderate the course and the core programme, and advise and guide learners.

In a further response, the University stated that;

“The partnership with Repton School offers a valuable opportunity for pupils at the school to study for the International Foundation Certificate which, upon successful completion, will enable them to progress on to a university course. It also offers pupils at Repton the valuable opportunity of visiting Aberystwyth as they prepare to study at university.”

Each student will visit Aberystwyth for at least one week during the early stages, with Repton students being introduced to their prospective academic departments, attend relevant lectures and be twinned with a student ‘buddy’.

Jonathan Hughes-D’Aeth, Headmaster at Repton School, Dubai, said;

“This course provides a truly unique opportunity for our students to complete a university-validated IF Course, while at the same time continuing school level studies. The value of the course is that it will specifically suit young people who wish to achieve academic English skills required by British universities, while still studying at school.”