Try something new this November

IT IS THAT time of year again, where your motivation is dwindling and assignments are piling up. People may be thinking about going home to get some much needed TLC from your parents, and the sparkle of freshers week is slowly depleting when you realise that you actually have work to do and you can no longer avoid it by lying in your bed all day watching Netflix. But don’t be too stressed out – there is still plenty to look forward to this month!

october_going_november_by_ovvi-d31o4vrThere are multiple events to look forward to this month. November is famous for ‘Movember’ so be sure to support any of your friends or family who are getting involved. For those lucky enough to have one, reading week is usually in November and is a great opportunity to go home if you are feeling a little homesick, or just a little skint and needing to be fed. The Arts Center is hosting it’s annual ‘Abertoir’ horror film festival from the 11-16th of November. It is a full 6 days of being submerged in 80s styled horror films, followed by an 80s disco. The Arts center is additionally showcasing plays, music and dance including the famous ‘Lady Winderemere’s Fan’ by Wilde and various classical orchestras.  November also brings homage to Remembrance Sunday so get wearing your poppies. The Sunday parade will be held on the 9th, starting at the town library at 10:15 and will finish at a service in St Michaels. A short service will be held at the town cemetery at 13:15 where local cadets will lay crosses on the war graves. To mark 100 years since the start of the first world war, there is also an exhibition about WW1 in Ceridigion, at Neuadd Rhydypennau Hall until the 22nd of November.

This month I encourage you to try something new. Actually take a coat with you when you go outside. Don’t walk around in flip-flops and then wonder why you are falling over. It’s November now – be sensible, and have fun at the same time. Don’t miss sports training because you can’t be bothered and to not complain about going. That means EVEN if they do make you do the campus mile.  The bonuses of student life should be a reward for completing assignments… or at least starting them. Use going out, going home, buying yourself something nice, or even just eating something you like as motivation to keep up the motivation you had at the start of term. This month I challenge you to not miss any lectures or seminars because you are hungover. It sounds like a bore, especially if you hate a certain module and feel your lecturer reads off the slides, but when we break up for Christmas you will feel so much better about exam season if you have actually been to the lectures. Try it. I’ll try it too. Once you have made it through this month there is just one month left of the year, so head down and treat yourself for it after.