Union Autumn Elections: Results announced

THE RESULTS of the Students’ Union 2014 autumn elections have been announced.

The positions on offer included 4 part-time Officer roles, Trustees, Democratic Procedures Committee members and NUS Delegates.

The part-time Officer roles up for taking were: Postgraduate Students’ Officer, Mature Students’ Officer, Deputy Welfare Officer and RAG Officer.

Congratulations to all of the winners!


Part Time Roles

  • Postgraduate Students’ Officer: Julia Corcoran
  • Mature Students’ Officer: Ria Landrygan
  • Deputy Welfare Officer: Fahreen Syeda


  • Undergraduate Student Trustee: Samuel Bache
  • Postgraduate Trustee: Shaun Bailey


  • 5 NUS Delegate Positions: Will Atkinson, Harriet O’Shea, Jack Huggins, Miriam Williams, Bethan Brady