Destinations of degree graduates: What did 2012/13 graduates do next?

OVER this summer, an HESA (Higher Eduction Statistics Agency) publication titled ‘Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Institutions 2012/13’ was released.


Click pie chart to expand view. Chart – Higher Education Statistics Agency Limited 2014.

The publication, which was released on the 24th July, provides extensive coverage of the 2012/13 DLHE survey. The online introduction includes a variety of graphs and tables displaying the survey results.

Survey respondents are able to report all the activities they are engaged in six months after graduation as well as report which one was the most important to them.

The tree map below shows the most important activities of graduates from full-time first degree courses according to their own assessment. The area of each box indicates the relative proportion of leavers in that activity.


In depth

The table below shows the figures on which the graphic is based. The survey was changed in 2011/12 to capture more details of leavers’ activities. An equivalent table for 2011/12 leavers can be found in Press Release 194.
When comparing the two press releases, the proportion of full-time first degree leavers in work has risen while the proportion unemployed and in further study has fallen.

Most important activities of full-time first degree leavers 2012/13
Most important activity/detail No. of respondents % of total
Working 172640 70.7%
On a permanent or open-ended contract 95720 39.2%
On a fixed-term contract 44675 18.3%
Self-employed/freelance 8180 3.4%
Temping (including supply teaching) 6665 2.7%
On an internship 5280 2.2%
Voluntary work 3040 1.2%
Starting up own business 1430 0.6%
Developing a professional portfolio/creative practice 885 0.4%
Other/unknown 6760 2.8%
Studying 41560 17.0%
Higher degree, mainly by taught course (e.g. MA, MSc) 20060 8.2%
Postgraduate diploma or certificate (including PGCE) 9285 3.8%
Higher degree, mainly by research (e.g. PhD, DPhil, MPhil) 4630 1.9%
Professional qualification 3600 1.5%
Other/Not aiming for formal qualification[6] 3985 1.6%
Unemployed 19060 7.8%
Unemployed and looking for work 16315 6.7%
Due to start a job in the next month 2745 1.1%
Other 10770 4.4%
Taking time out in order to travel 6845 2.8%
Something else 3925 1.6%
Total 244025
Source: HESA DLHE record 2012/13. For previous year’s figures see PR194

Destinations publication

A publication, titled Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Institutions 2012/13 provides detailed information on the activities of students six months after leaving higher education. The 51 tables in the publication (see contents list) include activity and employment breakdowns by:

  • Institution
  • Level and mode of qualification
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Ethnicity
  • Class of first degree
  • Subject of study
  • Occupation
  • Industry
  • Location of employment
  • Salary

The survey has been expanded to include coverage of additional Higher Education qualifications, and non-EU domiciled leavers. This meant that the eligible populations recorded was 700,490 leavers (699,330 in 2011/12) of which 130,225 were non-EU leavers.