Starbucks’ Welsh attempt leaves bitter aftertaste

WELSH speaking customers have been left confused by bilingual signs after buying their coffee at Aberystwyth’s new Starbucks.

Photo - Rhian Hughes

Photo – Tomos Nolan

Since the Gt. Darkgate Street store opened earlier this month a number of customers have noticed that the Welsh language menus, which are the first of their kind in Starbucks stores, contain several spelling mistakes and unfinished sentences.

Concerned Welsh speakers have pointed out a number of issues with the translation including signs that read “Nourishing the human spirit… one person, one cup and.” as well as “light of body and taste our coffee to most easy to drink”.

It is the first time Starbucks have used Welsh in any of its stores, but the quality of translation has raised concerns about how much value Starbucks put on the Welsh language.

Not the main issue

However, Manon Elin, a spokesperson from The Welsh Language Society Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, said that the typos were not the main issue and congratulated the store on catering to the Welsh language community.

Ms Elin continued, “The far more important thing is for Welsh to be seen, heard, used and enjoyed”.

Photo - Eddie Whitehead

Photo – Eddie Whitehead

A spokesperson for Starbucks commented that they now employ Welsh language speakers in the store whilst Director of Communications Simon Redfern added that Starbucks is “really proud” of the pilot Welsh language menus in their Aberystwyth store.

Redfern went on to admit that, “Despite checks on our Welsh language signage, a couple of typos have been spotted, we’re going to correct these as soon as possible.”.​