Flood alert issued for Aberystwyth

FLOOD alerts have been issued along the south and west coastlines of Wales. This is ahead of high tides combined with strong winds forecast for the next few days.

flood_alertAlerts for a large area of coastline were set up by Natural Resources Wales, including anywhere from Chepstow to Aberystwyth. These areas are likely to see high waves and spray after the Met Office forecast strong south-westerly winds.

Gale force gusts of up to 50mph have been forecast for Wednesday (8th).

The Met Office has said low pressure would last through to Thursday, with showers expected on both days.

The flood alert states:

“High tides are predicted over the next few days, the highest tides are expected between Wednesday evening and Friday morning. Winds are forecast to be force 5-6 from a south westerly direction increasing to force 6-7 on Wednesday evening.”

A flood map can be found here.

The university has sent a statement to all students via email which includes:

The University has been informed of the forecasted stormy weather and high tides expected from Wednesday (today) through to the weekend. We would like to remind you of the need to take great care and be mindful of the risks of getting too close to the waves in such conditions.

Please keep well away from the sea during the stormy weather. During high tides and strong winds, the waves can carry large stones, which can be carried up in the waves can cause serious injury.

Should you need any support, please call the University’s 24 hour emergency number on 01970 622900.

People are being advised to stay away from promenades and sea fronts because of the risk of being hit by large waves or debris.