Aberystwyth men charged with falsely labelling meat in london court

TWO MEN from the Aberystwyth area have been charged with failing to comply with food traceability regulations under the Food Safety Act at Southwark Crown Court.

horsemeatDafydd Raw-Rees and Colin Patterson were arrested after a raid on a premises in Llandre near Aberystwyth, during the horse meat scandal last year.

The two men faced questioning about the processing of horse carcasses and the processing of horse meat without  adhering to traceability guidelines.

This came in addition to a total of 19 charges of falsely labelling goat meat as lamb and mutton in the London court.

The pair, who together owned and ran Farmbox Meats Ltd, have denied all charges against them and have been released on bail. Farmbox Meats Ltd has since gone in to administration.

If convicted Raw-Rees and Patterson will be the first people to be prosecuted following the horse meat scandal.

In a Radio 4 interview, Anne McIntosh MP, chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee said:

“we don’t want it to look as if the perpetrators have got away with it” and that “perpetators would feel the full force of the law”.

The court case will be heard on the 28th April 2015, along with the cases of two men from West Yorkshire who supplied Farmbox Meats Ltd.​