Students ditch mobile phones for ID as ‘most important’ item

A RECENT survey from has found that students place ID over mobile phones as the most important item to bring to university. They would rather leave a mobile phone at home accidentally than identification. Only 15% of the 800 students surveyed considered mobile phones their number one item, with 28% choosing ID.

mobile phoneThough the ability to drink on a night out beats the ability to communicate, over a third of students chose their laptops over bedding, kitchen utensils and clothes. It seems technology and a good night out are far more essential than basic comforts. The items ranked least important were slippers and a car.

Some students chose more alternative items as their ‘most important’ including binoculars, condoms and food stolen from parents’ cupboards. Others felt mundane items were in fact vital to university life – door stops, a stapler and coat hangers.

Student Beans, on the other hand, surveyed students and found mobile phones were the number one item over food, alcohol and money. A recent study from Endsleigh said the average student owns £3000 worth of technology. But how many of them have insurance? Technology and alcohol may be vying for the top spot in a student’s life, but who is to say whether what items students prioritise actually affect their studies.