Mauritius campus due to open September 2015

THE UPCOMING Mauritius campus of Aberystwyth University is due to open for business in September 2015, it has been confirmed.

The campus is set to offer a range of programmes, including BSc degrees in Accounting and Finance, Business Finance, Business Management, Management with Law and one MSc Masters in International Business, all of which are subject to accreditation by the Mauritius Tertiary Education Commission. There are plans to extend the range of programmes in the coming years to include degrees in Computer Science, and in particular the popular Aberystwyth University MSc in Food and Water Security.

The Residence hotel beach in Mauritius.The University are working in conjunction with Boston Campus Limited, who are financing the initial outlay for the project and own the premises from which the branch campus will operate, and who will share the profits from the project.

Pro Vice-Chancellor John Grattan told The Courier that the University had chosen to expand into Mauritius due to an “over-saturated and heavily regulated UK market”, and a “huge degree of unmet demand” with regards to higher education in Africa which would permit Aberystwyth University to grow and generate “surplus income that could be reinvested in the mothership”.

Grattan added that “one of the crying needs of the developing world is to raise the standard of their educational facilities”, and with the Mauritian government attempting to establish itself as a centre for African education, the intention is to attract international students who want an education from a UK university but can’t afford to study in the UK due to the “stringent” Foreign Office requirements for a student visa.

Aberystwyth University has further stated that students, as well as academic and administrative staff, from both Mauritius and Aberystwyth, will have the opportunity to work between both campuses, with students from Aberystwyth having the chance to spend a semester studying in Mauritius, and field trips also taking place there for various disciplines.

The University is also in the process of developing and strengthening partnerships with higher education institutions in both Malaysia and Indonesia, with potential for branch campuses there at some point in the future.