Top money saving tips for Freshers

THIS freshers’ we have put together a number of tips on how to save money this year.

Protect your piggy bank with these simple steps!

Protect your piggy bank with these simple steps!

LISTS AND MORE LISTS: Planning your budget for weekly shops, books and even nights out in advance may seem over the top, but it could radically affect your finances. Supermarkets may tempt you with offers but with a strict list you won’t be so easily swayed.

COOK IN GROUPS: A lot of people come to university with little to no clue how to cook, and will happily put in a fiver and peel potatoes for a group-effort cottage pie. Cooking for one is a huge expense and leftovers will only last so long, whereas larger meals are cheaper and more efficient.

LEAVE THE BANK CARD AT HOME: The minimal card charge in clubs and pubs in Aberystwyth are unlikely to phase you after a few drinks. And nobody plans on buying half the bar a shot until it’s too late. Plan your night’s budget and take the cash out, but leave the card at home to avoid financial mistakes.

LET APPS DO THE WORK: The number of money saving apps seems endless, but if you use an app for Facebooking, eating, emailing and dating…why not use one for budgeting? Apps such as Money Lover do all the work for you and will leave you thankful at the end of term.

AVOID THE TRAPS: Gym memberships, bus passes, magazine subscriptions and Netflix are all tempting offers when that first student loan comes in, but wishful thinking could be your enemy. Unless you’re certain you’ll be on the treadmill a few days a week and actually watching those films, memberships and subscriptions are money traps.

INTERNET SAVINGS: Websites such as UniDays, Student Beans, and Save the Student can get you discounts, freebies and even lead you to jobs. There are so many deals and savings available to students, browsing about for discounts and vouchers and a sure way to save money.