Freshers’ Guide: Where to go in Aberystwyth for a…

ABERYSTWYTH is unlike any other town I have ever been to. Set between the Irish Sea and the rugged Welsh hills, it has somehow managed to escape becoming just another ‘clone town’, and is packed full of unique restaurants and cafés. Here are some of our favourites:

Romantic meal for Two


Baravin. Photo – Rebecca James

Baravin: “The food is outstanding, and the meat is really local. The service is fantastic and you should definitely try the cocktails!”

Ultracomida: “A lovely, intimate atmosphere. Tapas always makes for a romantic meal, and it’s very reasonably priced.”

Olive Branch: “Classic Greek food, lovely friendly service and a beautiful sea view.”

Photo - Alex Tanton

Photo – Alex Tanton

Hangover Cures

The Carlton: “Great quality food and friendly staff. The fry ups are the best in Aber.”

Crimson Rhino: “A brand new smoothie bar, it’s the perfect stop for a pick-me-up on your way to lectures after a heavy night.”


Meal with Friends

Starling Cloud

Starling Cloud. Photo – Rebecca James

Starling Cloud: “Good, honest pub grub at reasonable prices. The steaks are great and it has got a really nice atmosphere.”

Backyard BBQ: “Great for big groups of friends with really friendly staff. The pulled pork is fantastic.”

Scholars: “One of the best Sunday Lunch’s in town! Plus decent music with a great atmosphere of students and locals.”

Lillys Cafe. Photo - Alex Tanton

Lillys Cafe. Photo – Alex Tanton

Coffee Shops and Cafés

MGs: “The cutest café in Aber, with delicious homemade cakes and hot chocolate to die for.”

Lilly’s Coffee Shop: “A lovely quirky café, you can sit outside when the weather’s good and it’s perfect for brunch.”