To be a Fresher, you’ve got to think like a Fresher

BEING A FRESHER is an intense experience – you’ve probably gone through a large upheaval, your surroundings are different, and you might be feeling a little lost. But worry not, this article is a how-to-Aberystwyth arts guide, answering your most pressing arts questions. Like, what the heck is there to do in Aberystwyth?

The first step is: figure out where you are. Aberystwyth has two main hangouts for all things Arts and Entertainment. Penglais campus is home to the Arts Centre  – Wales’ largest arts centre and recognised as a national flagship for the arts – and is bursting with entertainment for all; from plays and spoken word, to festivals and galleries. Be sure to check out Fawlty Towers The Dining Experience from the 25th – 30th. The campus is also where you’ll find the Student Union, where many live events are held. Down in the town centre there is Commodore Cinema, an independent cinema with a single screen showing the latest mainstream releases, plus a lounge bar! There are also several theatres such as Arad Goch and The Castle Theatre.

Second step: immerse yourself. The best way to really get stuck into university life is joining societies and clubs. Come meet us, and get involved with ASM and many other societies at the Societies Fair on the 24th (10am – 4pm Marquee, AberSU). There are many different societies ranging from gaming societies like ACOG (Aberystwyth Community of Gamers), to theatre groups such as BOX Immersive, Curtain Call (musical theatre), and the Nomadic Players; the English & Creative Writing society; and acapella groups.

Third step: have fun! The SU has pulled out all the stops this year. Like kids in a candy shop (or off-licence, depending on what kind of kid we’re talking about) we’re spoilt for choice. With an assortment of themed nights at the union including the highly anticipated HODOR night (26th), featuring DJ sets with Hodor himself, Kristian Nairn. The popular EXCHANGE nights (24th) are also returning, where the main room is transformed into a bustling Stock Market – keep your eyes on the numbers and watch your favourite drinks drop to obscenely low prices. The SU also holds poker and pool tournaments, karaoke nights and more!

In the town itself you’ll find that Aberystwyth lives up to it’s name of having one of the highest numbers of pubs per square mile; you’ll never be short of places to go. There are two much beloved nightclubs, Pier Pressure – shockingly found on the pier – and Why Not (affectionally known as its previous name Yoko’s by any self respecting student). Some nights you will find different bars and pubs have musical guests; Scholars, Rummers and Inn on the Pier are known for their events, ranging from open mic nights to karaoke.

There we have it, three simple steps to enjoying being a Fresher, and this is just a small snippet of the diverse range of entertainment that Aberystwyth provides! My advice, being the old fogey that I am going into my third year is: find your passion and don’t be afraid to get involved in things you never thought you would.