Aber’s ultimate pub crawl

ABERYSTWYTH  is famous for its large variety of pubs. This is just one possible route to take, but I think it encompasses the best of Aber.

Photo - Alex Tanton

Harry’s. Photo – Alex Tanton


GAA is a quadruple vodka mixed with either lemonade, coke, black current or orange juice. As well as not ruining the taste buds, it is a sure way to kickstart your night.

Scholars. Photo - Alex Tanton

Scholars. Photo – Alex Tanton


Perfect place to get a pint or a vodka orange.


Sex on the beach/long island ice tea.


Double Jack Daniel’s and coke is super cheap on student nights. Bargain.


Cambrian is home to the famous death star, as well as a huge variety of their own cocktails – try a Penbryn or one of the other cocktails named after the university accommodation. It may take you the best part of your academic life in Aberystwyth to try them all!

The Mill

Jager bombs are £1 on student nights. The Mill is perfect for a chilled (or terribly played) game of pool.


Rummers. Photo – Alex Tanton


Vodka coke is just over £1 on Vodka Tuesdays. Happy hour is from 7-9:30pm where shots of vodka are 60p. A cheeky bargain like this will last you to the next pub.

Ship and Castle

Offering a variety of ales and beers, there will definitely be something you will enjoy.


Vodka Slush for £1.99 is refreshing, tasty and still good to keep you going!


Downie’s. Photo – Alex Tanton.


The Admiral is Downie’s answer to Harry’s GAA. It is made with 4 shots of vodka, redbull and a mixture of fruit juices. There are also variations on this theme with the Gay Admiral, which is more fruity in taste,  and the Ginmiral, which is obviously gin based.

Pier Pressure/Why Not

Bottled drinks in Why Not are £1.05 on selected nights. Why not try a VK or a bottle of Carlsberg? If you decided to go to Pier Pressure over Why Not try the corky’s mixed shots. By this time you should at least be merry enough to dance in Why Not without looking too sober and enjoy the rest of your night.