Borth coastal defence scheme in phase 2

CONSTRUCTION works for the second phase of the Borth Coastal Defence scheme will shortly be commencing on site.

Over recent weeks, rock armour deliveries have been taking place to an area of beach opposite the railway station, and the main construction works are now due to start on 4 August 2014.

borth coastal defence

Borth coastal defence works

Construction works will start at the northern end of the scheme (opposite the entrance to the golf club), progressing southward over the coming months.

The Phase 2 works will see the defence improvements being extended by almost 1 kilometre to the north and will consist of the construction of 3 near shore rock breakwaters and 2 rock groynes, which act to retain the beach shingle, providing the same level of protection as has been provided for Phase 1.

Works are programmed to be completed in early 2015.

The contractor appointed to undertake the main works is BAM Nuttall, who successfully completed the Phase 1 works during 2012.

Members of the public can obtain further information on the scheme and proposed programme of works by visiting the contractor’s site office, located in the Community Council car park at the southern end of the village.

Coastal Defence Scheeme phase 2 – Public exhibition poster (Eng)