University to start offering courses in Dubai

ABERYSTWYTH University is to start offering foundation courses to students at a top private school, in a bid to attract more overseas students.

Repton School, Dubai

Repton School, Dubai

The proposal, aimed at Repton School in Dubai, would see the Foundation Certificate delivered over a period of three years, with a one-year full-time English language course, pre-sixth form, and two subsequent years in the sixth form in conjunction with the chosen core academic subjects of the International Baccalaureate. The IB is one of the largest offered multinational qualifications in further education, and is predominantly offered in independent schools in the United Kingdom currently.

Repton School is an offshoot of a private school in Derbyshire, and it is hoped that students that complete the Certificate would apply to Aberystwyth directly, rather than through UCAS. Academic staff from the university would be encouraged to ‘stop over’ at the school to assist in teaching, en route to the overseas campus that is to be opened in Mauritius.

A university spokesman said:

“Aberystwyth University is delivering its one-year International Foundation Certificate in collaboration with Repton Dubai, and successful candidates will be guar-anteed entrance to their degree at Aberystwyth University.”

“The agreement was signed in June 2014 and the link begins in September 2014. A formal launch of the link will occur in Dubai and is scheduled to take place in early November.”