New bar to open in Aberystwyth town centre

PROJECT 11 is the codename for a brand new business venture hoping to expand into a new area of food, leisure and hospitality in Aberystwyth.

Despite saving the true name and logo for the ‘big reveal’, ASM have been told that it will be in the town centre, in the old Bella Vita on Market Street, and promises to offer something new and exciting for students, locals and families.

The project’s Marketing and Promotions Executive Matt Parry told ASM: “We expect to bring a new and unique concept to Wales, combining high quality food and drink offering with something else which we can not reveal as of yet.

“The bar will revolve around this unique concept, however we can not reveal what exactly this is yet, just in case one of our competitors use the idea and ‘do it before us’ as it were.  For this reason, we can not reveal our true name as it would give it away, therefore we’re calling it ‘Project 11′ for now.

“This will be the first bar of its kind in Wales, and our aim is to provide a revolutionary kick in the Aberystwyth social scene.”

The venue will be open during the daytime and evenings in the week and stay open late on the weekends, providing a new nightlife spot for Aberystwyth’s party-goers.

Project 11 will launch in September 2014, just in time for Freshers’ Week.