Rugby 7’s: A Players Perspective

Photo by Rhys Jones

Photo by Rhys Jones

AS A LIFELONG rugby watcher with only limited and largely unsuccessful experience of playing the sport, I’ll admit I was more than a little apprehensive about the prospect of playing in the 7’s.

Part of me was concerned that I would have to play against experienced players of the game and that it would be an intimidating atmosphere. However, I was encouraged by friends and chose to take part.

After a number of enjoyable training sessions I couldn’t wait to start playing. On the Saturday morning it soon became clear that I had made the right decision. There was a fantastic atmosphere before play had even started and this only increased throughout the weekend.

We did not have to wait for too long between games and even when we did there were plenty of activities to keep everyone interested. The sheer amount of games meant that there were always plenty of other games on to watch and friends to support. There was a good atmosphere on the pitch as well, all the teams played hard but fair and there was great respect shown between players, officials and fans.

I was pleasantly surprised by the organisation of the weekend. Games almost always kicked off on time and game times were clearly displayed so there was no confusion regarding fixtures. The fact that the leagues were split between abilities and experience ensured everyone got to play against teams of similar levels which ensured we enjoyed every game.

I played for InterYourNan RFC and we had an excellent time as a team over the weekend. We won 7 of our matches and narrowly lost 2 matches which we were incredibly proud of considering our lack of experience. My only regret from the weekend is that it confirmed that I should’ve taken part in my first two years at this university as I could have enjoyed two more fantastic weekends.