Professor dismissed following serious allegations

REVEREND Professor Noel Cox has been dismissed from his post in the Department of Law and Criminology, after stepping down as Head of the department in early November of last year to concentrate on other aspects of his work. The dismissal comes following an investigation into a number of serious allegations.

Rev’d Professor Noel Cox

An independent disciplinary panel, chaired by an external solicitor, found that Cox has breached Financial Regulations and Procedures and data protections requirements. It was also found that Cox breached the university’s ‘duty of care’ towards a member of staff, however no further information was released on the nature of this. The Professor is denying the allegations and is choosing to fight the dismissal, despite the panel stating to have not been satisfied with his explanations.

Given the seriousness of the findings, Aberystwyth University accepted the panel’s recommendation to terminate Professor Cox’s employment. The university’s statement on the dismissal recognises Cox’s right to appeal the decision through another independent panel.

The Professor reportedly told the Herald on Sunday of his plans to appeal and that he “strenuously denied” the allegations. Cox said, “It has not been logged yet but it will be soon by my lawyer. I expect the hearing will be months rather than weeks but I will have to wait.”

As a result of the allegations, Cox’s local church requested that he stopped taking services. The Professor became a priest last year and was serving at the parish church St Padarn in Llanbadarn Fawr. Former vicar of the church, Hywel Jones, church said the dismissal had come as a shock to the community. Jones said, “When we found out three weeks ago, we had to stop him taking services.

“People start talking and it was a difficult position so we had to act. Of course, it’s all subject to an appeal so we’ll have to see the outcome but I think it’s going to be very difficult for him to return to the law after what’s happened. Maybe he’ll return to New Zealand.”

Cox told the Herald on Sunday that he was yet to make a decision about returning to New Zealand.