Aberystwyth University invest in Dark Fibre

THE SEAFRONT Residences of the University halls of residences are now connected to a brand new Dark Fibre internet network.

Christine Featherstone, Tim Davies, Rob Bardwell, and Hefin Jones

Christine Featherstone, Tim Davies, Rob Bardwell, and Hefin Jones

This means that the 450 students who live in the Seafront Residences will now be able to experience high download speeds of up to 1GB per second.

Via a partnership with Pinacl Solutions, the University has invested over £250,000 in the new network which covers a total distance of 3400m and consists of over 58,000m of singlemode fibre.

The University hopes that the 1GB per second download speeds will be faster than those experienced by students through their home broadband. The network also has the potential for increased internet speeds of up to 10GB per second in the future.

The network, which is expected to last for 30 years, will save the University money in the long term as it is cheaper to run than the previous network, which relied on rental charges.

Tim Davies, Director of Information Services at Aberystwyth University said; “As the University’s academic programmes and leisure activities move over to ever more multi-media rich content, our wide area network bandwidth requirements are growing at a phenomenal rate.

“Dark Fibre allows us to run our wide area network at speeds required to meet current demands for super-fast internet access, but it will also allow us the scope to increase speed in-line with future demands.”

Students living in Seafront accommodation will now be able to access the network via the University’s wifi network, or by plugging their computers directly into the network.