Minister to make final decision on demolition of Aberystwyth home

A WELSH government minister will make the final judgement on whether a grandmother will be forced to sell her home in order to make way for two superstores which are due for construction in Aberystwyth.

An artists’ impression of the development which will require Mrs. Jones to relocate

An artists’ impression of the development

Enid Jones, 58, has been fighting the authorities on this question for a number of years, believing the complex could be built without demolishing her house on Glyndwr Road. However, Ceredigion Council has argued that twelve homes would have to face demolition if the project were to go ahead, and all the other homeowners have agreed to sell up.

The council issued a Compulsory Purchase Order for Mrs. Jones’ house in May 2013 and then, when she still refused to leave, a planning inspector oversaw a two-day public hearing on the matter in March this year. Now the inspector has handed the final decision to the Minister for Housing and Regeneration, Carl Sergeant, who will give his verdict by 30 July.

The council has claimed that the Tesco and Marks and Spencer stores could boost town center trade by up to £3.5m a year and create up to 300 jobs. If given the go ahead, the complex could be completed as early as December 2016.