Preacher of Habit. James Edwards gives his view on Cameron and Britain as a “Christian country”

Personally, I don't see the resemblance

Personally, I don’t see the resemblance

EVER since his unwanted relocation to the Downing street address, David Cameron has been a disappointing prime minister from the get-go. Yet, in his most recent inadequacy of claiming Britain is a “Christian country”, it seems the Conservative Party will do whatever it can to muster any form of sentimentality from its traditional, Thatcherite glory days to prove just how far unsolicited incompetence can get you. Cameron’s faith-based delusion is just another knife in the back of a society that can whole-heartedly wave “Cheerio!” to the days when Great Britain’s name actually had some significant weight and backbone.

Mr. Cameron’s so-called confession that he subscribes to one of the most popular cults of the Western hemisphere was another typically cringe-worthy speech and resembled none of the finesse his Conservative predecessors had, even if that was often their only admirable quality. If you looked particularly closely, a shade of scarlet bruised his cheek as he rambled on about the unwarranted persecution of Christians across the globe and how people’s faith motivates them to do charitable work.

Unfounded political bravado, and it seems even Cameron himself knows this, but Cameron’s attempts at wooing the middle-class strikes only at the gullibility of the people too weak-minded to see through his political guise of appealing to the Christian Right. Though, saying this, nobody seems to believe the politicians anymore (and who can blame them?), but who exactly is Cameron goading here? As Conservative polemicist and right-wing fraud Peter Hitchens half-heartedly points out, the working class are apparently without faith, but we can pay thanks to the demonization of the working class as hedonistic yobs who lack any moral integrity for that dire stereotype.

Do I really have to point out the diverse culture of Britain to the ruler of this country? Muslims, Jews, Hindus and atheists all live in our residences and yet the prime minister has the lacklustre nerve to dub our country “Christian”? It is actually thanks to this pseudo-intellect that Cameron is viewed as no less a joke than Gordon Brown was in 2010.

Now you needn’t any kind of qualification or apt brain power to understand Cameron’s ploy here, but it strikes me as ludicrous that the prime minister would humiliate himself in this way. Thanks to his most recent endorsement of marriage equality (perhaps the only noteworthy aspect of Cameron’s administration), this cheerfully turned all of the traditionalists and Conservative elites against him, all of whom comprise bigoted stupidity in one neat, bow-tied, little package. But this is not my biggest problem with Cameron’s faith ‘confession’.

Cameron has turned his attention to the religious and openly chooses to prey upon their most personal faculties of self-respect and integrity. Lying to them that Britain is a “Christian country” is a tactic to make the Christians of Britain feel like they belong, to feel closer to the devil behind the desk. Cameron doesn’t stop there; he even evokes false rhetoric by highlighting exclusive charitable endeavours that are only achieved by the faithful as a way of deceiving the Faithful.

Hundreds of altruistic groups, formed by other divisions of faith or a lack thereof, aid those in need and yet Cameron simply rabbits on about the virtuosity of the Jesus-toting supporters and it makes me sick. Is this the kind of gimmicky style of campaign Britain can hope to expect from the likes of cheap, fruitless and inevitably fraudulent politicians? The Conservative Party, thanks only to the Cameron Party, have scattered their options all over the shop with little hope of any custom.

To make matters even worse, Mr. Cameron has been quoted as wanting to “infuse politics” with Christian values. Has he any knowledge, politically or historically, as to why this is a terrifically awful idea? The separation of state and church is absolutely fundamental to the survival of a society that hinges itself upon the respectable bases of reason, rationality and fact. The prime minister’s foul verbal diarrhoea on the subject of mixing faith and politics is the worst part of his delusion as it seems he has completely disregarded every aspect of history, where mixture of belief and the state resulted in gargantuan English migration and the construction and set-up of the most successful colonies in the world.

Cameron’s motivation in mixing these two facets of the human soul is divisive, inappropriate and pathetically stupid for somebody who claims to have learned from a prestigious, university education. To what end will we have to endure the impudence of politicians who act on the values of a cult whom base their inherent virtue on faith, (quite literally) something that can not be known to be true? Thankfully (and I say this sincerely) the British Humanist Society has come to the aid of vanquishing this kind of Christian hyperbole by telling Mr. Cameron just how foolish his words are and, I hasten to add, that Britain is not as defunct in diversity as Cameron would have us all believe.