Hype: What’s on in Aberystwyth? 19th – 25th May

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WELCOME back to Hype, our weekly arts blog, where you’ll be able to keep up to date with the latest and biggest news from the global arts scene, as well as keeping in touch with what’s on in and around Aberystwyth.

You’ll be able to find out the latest and the greatest, Aberystwyth film times and news, rumours, and much more.

Arts News

First up… the biggest headlines from this week!

  • You Tube have announced they are to buy Twitch.
  • Far Cry 4 has been announced.
  • Microsoft are releasing a cheaper Xbox One without Kinect.
  • It has been hinted that sequels to Pacific Rim and Godzilla are in development.
  • Spielberg Halo TV series set for 2015 release.
  • Robero Orci to direct Star Trek 3.
  • The TV series Community has been cancelled.
  • The New Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has been released (see below).

What’s On?

ABERYSTWYTH is, once again, spoiling us for choice in the next week. Here’s just a few highlights to look forward to!

Firstly, for families, and those who love a good pantomime; ‘Jack and the Beanstalk will be showing on the 25th of May. National Theatre Live will be bringing the incredible ‘Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’  to the big screen on the 22nd of May, a play based on the acclaimed novel by Mark Haddon, adapted by Simon Stephens and directed by Marianne Elliott.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for a scare or ever wondered what you’d do if your doppelgänger began taking over your life, The Quiet Ones (23rd – 24th) and The Double (23rd – 27th) will be sure to satisfy, both playing at the Arts Centre cinema.

The Commodore is showing the brand new Godzilla, which is crashing through the screens of Aberystwyth in 3D from the 15th – 28th of May. Check out the full preview from Jessica Hearne below:

GARETH Edwards’ Godzilla is doesn’t appear to need much advertising to gain massive anticipation amongst fans. It seems everybody’s talking about his upcoming rendition of this classic monster flick, and I can’t blame them. With a cast including Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, Kick-Ass’s Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, it’s not only Godzilla attracting the fans. Legendary Pictures are enjoying stirring up the excitement with small detail releases regarding the monster.

Longer trailers reveal the enormous increase in size, with Edwards’ monster standing at around 100 metres taller than the original Gojira. Another – arguably the most important – detail given is their take on his iconic roar. What sounds to be a mash-up of previous roars from the many, many versions of Godzilla, hasn’t disappointed. It’s both a throwback to previous filmmakers, and a little something for the super-fans, as these kinds of details are what they demand to be perfect for a successful remake.

Unlike the 1998 film, which seemed to waste its estimated $130,000,000 budget on disappointing everybody with lots of CGI and no iconic roar, Edwards seems to have accomplished wonders with his estimated $160,000,000, if the trailers are anything to go by. This looks to be an up-to-date telling of the classic monster-destroys-the-city story, with the important characteristics being held on to, and perhaps even improved. Legendary Pictures have done an amazing job of getting a lot of attention while revealing as little as possible, but it has been enough to draw Godzilla (2014) some very high expectations.

With thanks to: Jessica Hearne, Andrew Monk, Sam Halford and Joe Fairweather.