Boat aflame on North Beach

Motore cruiser spotted aflame in Aberystwyth sea Photo - Tomos Nolan

Motor cruiser aflame in Aberystwyth sea
Photo – Tomos Nolan

A BOAT caught fire this morning whilst out on the water by North Beach. The Coastguard was called out at 10.22am to a 26ft motor cruiser which had caught fire whilst out on the water near Constitution Hill. The boat, which remains on fire, has now drifted down to South Beach.

Keith Morgan, the station manager of Aberystwyth Coastguard, said that there was one man on board the boat. He was removed by the lifeboat at 10.30am, and conveyed to hospital with mild smoke inhalation. The man is expected to make a quick recovery. No recovery attempt is currently being made for the boat because it contains flares and gas cylinders. Part of the seafront has been taped off by police in case there is an explosion on board the boat.

It is thought to have been an engine fault which caused the fire, and the fire brigade have told the coastguard that, even if there is no explosion, the boat will not be safe to approach for at least 24 hours, until the gas cylinders have cooled down.