Goodbye, ASM, and good luck

Today is my last proper day as Online Editor at Aber Student Media.

I’ve been dreading saying that sentence for… well, to be honest, since I took up the role a year ago. It’s been 12 short months, but boy it’s been fantastic.

We’ve had over 200,000 hits on the website, published 611 articles (12 of which are in the top 20 most read articles of all time), made record hits (over 40,000 in some months). As well as the boring number stats, we’ve also upgraded, big time. Our back end is all pretty and organised now, helping our front end – the website you’re looking at now – to be completely relaunched with a new design and so many new features.

That’s just the website though, I know all the other managers would agree with me. Producing the largest ever Courier in September, to making Bay TV a prominent force in Aber (and further afield) to moving Bay Radio into a good place to set us up properly next year. There’s still a bit of time left, and we’ve still got something big to reveal, so hang in there.

I’ve been involved in ASM for two years now; probably to the detriment of my degree at times, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve met amazing people, pulled off what I never imagined I could do, and I think, put myself in a great position for getting a job in what I want to do.

Highlights from this year

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For the Corbins, I asked people to send in some memories of this year, their favourite parts and what they enjoyed. Below are just a selection.

Left Quotes
I joined ASM straight from another society’s committee and was blown away by the professionalism and how welcomed into the society we were. It’s been a real highlight of the year being part of ASM. 

If I had to single out one part I’ve enjoyed the most it’d be the collaborations with the Metal Show.”

“To sum it up in three things: Elections coverage, late night Courier editing and Mitch’s gillet!”

“Jukebox musical on our show, creating a full musical from songs to do with a topic that is effecting the world that week!”

“Nick’s particularly keen eye for interior design when painting the studio. It’s a good job everyone liked the colour…”

“Extinguisher never ceases to make me LOL hard in quiet public places…cue evil daggers accross the library. Seriously though, amazing organisation with a very professional yet relaxed ethos. You guys rock! Wish I had joined earlier.”

“The Christmas meal. I loved how everyone came together and had a great time getting to know new people while getting…merry.”

“I’ve met some amazing people through ASM this year & some of my closest friends, those are my best memories! xxx”

Making amazing friends and unforgettable memories”

“Doing the radio show for a third and final year was pretty insane tbh. With a different co-host as well made it a fresh and new experience for me. Also, getting my forgotten classic as the actual forgotten classic (after pissing all over lovecats!!!) was a high point!”

“The discovery of Mitch’s (irrational) fear of masks, endless jokes (on my own) about Sam’s parents living in Nepal. Where even IS Nepal?! Every word that has ever had the luxury of escaping Harry Taylor’s mouth, Cameron’s accent, Kisha’s accent… Ryan’s accent…  CARWYN’S ACCENT”

“I’ve really enjoyed working in the office (even though it’s very stressful at times!) and making friends within the committee. The editorial and writing experience I’ve gained has been great and will hopefully be useful later.”

Right Quotes

 “Being involved with the amazing Arts team, and being privileged to have worked with such a great bunch of talented writers and broadcasters. That, and starting my own radio show with my good friend Mr. Joe Michael Fairweather, which has been a fantastic laugh.”

Moving on

It’s never easy to let go, but I know I’m going on to bigger & better things now. Thankfully, I won’t be leaving the Aberystwyth family (for a while yet, sorry!) – I’m also going to be around at the Union, AND I’m staying in journalism. It’s like I’m not really leaving! But I’m so happy to be able to look back with fondness with these last two years, because more than anything I’ve enjoyed doing it. I do have to say though, it will be nice to work a 9-5 job, go home and just… stop – I’m really not going to know what’s hit me!

Thank you, to everyone involved – to everyone who’s been involved since I joined, whether it’s writing one article or doing a show every single week, because you are what makes it as amazing as it is.

There are so many people who I really should mention in here, way more than there’s actually space for. Thank you to Steff & Guy for giving us a fantastic foundation to grow on, thank you to Mitch for being such an incredible leader, thank you to Kisha for proving I really was quite a rubbish News Editor, in comparison, to Andrew who’s been there to literally save my bacon and take over while I was in hospital (I really should have listened when everyone told me to stop working). I don’t want to feel like I’m excluding anyone, so I do just want everyone to know that the entire committee is not only needed and appreciated, but loved too.

Thanks to Stone Willys, CKs, the Union bar and shop, to everyone we kept in business during late night sessions. Thank you to all the staff members at the Union and the University who has offered us support & help when we need it, because at the end of the day, we are just a volunteer student society. But what a society we are.

Thank you, good luck, and goodbye. I’ll be watching!