VARSITY 2014: Archery

Archery 12TEAM ABER turned up to the Sports Cage with the hopes of repeating their 5 – 4 win from last year.

Before an arrow was even fired, the Aberystwyth versus Bangor Archery Varsity had a controversial start. Due to the selection of bows, teams had to be cut and altered to allow for a stronger focus on standard bare-bows than initially expected. The scoring system was declared, and it was announced that a head to head system would be used in which five ends of three arrows would be played. Spectators were told not to get shot, to which they responded with a cheer, and from this first cheer the excitement grew.

With all of the sets taking place at the same time,  it was difficult to get a sense of how the scores progressed, however this combined with the silence that fell as the archers stepped up to shoot only amplified the tension. As the first few pairings came to a close and their scores were counted, neither side were particularly looking like a clear leader, and the final ends took place in hushed anticipation. When the judge announce the final score, it was revealed that there was one point in it, and Team Aber were declared the victors.

Archery 13

“Elated” was the response from Varsity Captain Jon Aldridge and Men’s Captain Peter Storey when asked how they felt about the result. “It was by the skin of our teeth”, said Aldridge, “but we’re proud to be representing such a fantastic team.” They both said that they were looking forward to an early start the following day, as their team were traveling to the South West England and Wales competition.

Final result: The Aber Archers extended Aberystwyth’s Varsity lead with a 6 – 5 win.

Archery 1