Second petition created for McMahon’s resignation

ANOTHER petition has been opened calling for the resignation of Vice Chancellor April McMahon.

This comes after the first petition was closed for the second time after creator Keiron O’Shea, posted on the website claiming “victory”. 

April McMahonSecond year Computer Science student O’Shea previously closed the petition on the 9th April, after meeting with Director of Communications Alwena Hughes-Moakes and Pro-Vice Chancellors Rhodri Llwyd Morgan and John Grattan, of which he spoke of the management seeming “passionate to make changes” and that he was “pretty sure the University is in good hands”. In response to questions over why he closed the petition, O’Shea said it was not a “nice decision to make”.

The petition was re-opened because of a need to “maintain a level of negotiating power”, whilst O’Shea made all email between himself and Hughes-Moakes public, regarding his demand for a staff satisfaction survey before the end of the year.

“Culture of fear”

The petition was then closed a second time with O’Shea citing victory, with him saying that several of his proposals are to be considered, adding that he is in contact with Director of Human Resources Sue Chambers regarding a staff satisfaction survey. He also wrote about the “absurd amount of hatred” that he had received since closing the petition.

Soon after the closing of the initial petition, another one was created by “Students and Staff” asking for the resignation of McMahon, citing the University dropping in several league tables as well as staff working in a “culture of fear” as the reasoning behind it.

A staff member who did not want to be named voiced their concerns over the events, saying, “I’m relieved that a new petition has been created – the treatment of staff and students warrants the VC’s resignation. But I also hold out no hope out for a staff satisfaction survey if it’s organised by the university. Staff will be too scared to answer truthfully and the university will carefully choose which questions the consultancy asks.

“The only solution to the mess at the university is the resignation of April and her senior team.”