VARSITY 2014: Ultimate Frisbee

IMG_9866ULTIMATE Frisbee is probably one of the less well known sports featured in this varsity edition of the Courier. I had participated in just one ultimate training session a few months back, and was pleasantly surprised by what I had initially pre-conceived as a glorified version of a dog catching a Frisbee. It actually turned out to be a tactical minefield of precision and fitness, much to my distress.

I covered the men’s event on quite a windy Saturday afternoon and the game turned out to be a high intensity fiasco of Stall counting, stacking and survey (all Ultimate Frisbee terms I can assure you). From the offset, a very determined Bangor pulled away and by half time were leading by a score of 9-0. Both male and female players for Aber were participating against the full male team on Bangor and fought hard. At times, they were unlucky to miss out on some well-deserved points.

Despite the great amounts of pressure and hard work put on by the Aber team throughout the whole game, they continued to be outplayed and outgunned by the large squad of Bangor, who extended their score with a final result of 18-0. However, in line with the true ‘ultimate’ ethos, Aber kept smiles on their faces until the end, not once looking disheartened. Their team spirit is clearly second to none. After the game, Ultimate Frisbee player, James Pickering told me that, ‘despite the score, we think that just enjoying the game is at the heart of what this club is all about. Anyone is welcome to join and we look forward to seeing you on the pitch.’ Hopefully this year’s Varsity can spur ‘the Monkey’ on to seek revenge and bring back the ultimate title in the future.