VARSITY 2014: Netball Firsts


Tomos Nolan

IF THE CRICKET boys had gotten off to a nervy start, it was the women of Aberystwyth who put Aber firmly in charge of the competition. They may have kicked off late, but Aber wasted no time in netting the first points almost immediately. From the minute they went one up they never lost the lead, and ended the first quarter firmly in charge of the game at 12-4.

This certainly wasn’t a case of Bangor not turning up, Aber were simply brilliant on their day. Not a single player had a bad game, and with Bangor seemingly holding the height advantage, Aber had the pace. The second quarter opened with Bangor once again wasting chances, with Lorien Chadwick making a nuisance of herself in defense, repeatedly blocking chance after chance for Team Aber, only to send it back up for the field for the frankly prolific (name of GS & GA I’m getting at some point).

Bangor were not however being made to rue missed opportunities, Aber made it 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, before Bangor even got a sniff at the net, and even then, Aber responded immediately with another, and another to finish the half 28-10 leaders. Bangor started the third quarter better, taking three baskets for Aber’s one. Aber’s movement was better though, and on the break, captain Lucy Purser set up countless more baskets.

Aber finished the third quarter 35-19 up, and then simply finished the job. While Bangor attempted to get their act together again, and for once began defending well, they wasted too much time in front of Aber’s basket without scoring. In the end it was far too late and the match ended a with a trouncing. It had only just gone midday and Aber already had their fingertips on the trophy.