VARSITY 2014: Cricket

IMG_9184AS IS GROWING to be the norm, the first blood was fought over by the cricketers, and in a cruel twist of fate, I landed myself with a job reporting on a sport in which I honestly wasn’t sure of what was happening. Indoor cricket’s rules are ever so different to those of normal 20/20 or test cricket.

However, it didn’t take away from the atmosphere brought to the match, if not by the chance of an early out in the second over, then by the animated support from Team Aber on the sidelines. Aber bowled first, and the air of silence usually reserved for exams in the Sports Cage fell for the first bowl. By the third over I’d lost count of the scores on the doors and was simply getting into the spirit of things; Aber’s Rugby Union champions to be giving the batting lions their best insults before every ball.

Bangor however remained resilient and quietly put together mostly singles and few fours until the eighth over when it appeared they decided to turn it on. New batsmen emerged and with them came five boundaries. Lucky then that, come the first bowl of the ninth over, captain James Gale took it upon himself to pick up a loose ball and hit the wicket dead centre from ten metres.

Bangor continued to rack up singles, but ended with a score of 94 for Aber’s cricketing dragons to chase. Aber maintained a conservative start, keeping pace with Bangor’s beginning, but by the fourth over, even the umpires were asking for scores. Aber slowly picked up the pace with Joe Waylett picking up almost a third of the final tally on his own.

With just two overs to go, Aber needed just fifteen runs to win, and it was looking good until Bangor upped their game and bowled an out. Aber hit the final over needing ten runs, and after five balls needed just one to win. Bangor bowled fast to Mike Jones who sneaked it off to his left for one. Aber took the win by one run, and the red hoodies began a chant which would last for the rest of the day.