Update: UCU make exception for administrative staff

THE UNIVERSITIES and Colleges Union have sent an email out regarding the potential marking boycott due to start on the 26th April, making an exception for particular members of staff who are involved with processing marks or completed scripts, including those who participate on exam boards or other mark generating roles such as plagiarism panels etc.

UCU have  announced that should staff participate in the implementation of the marking boycott, they must do so with the following exception:

UCU-logo“Where in doing as above [marking boycott] the person would be refusing to do the vast majority of their year round duties.  The most obvious example of this might be a full time exams officer.  Such staff should apply for exemption from the branch who should forward to head office.  Even this later category should of course refuse to take on the work of others who are participating in the boycott. Everyone else should take part in the marking boycott.”

This entails that members of staff whose jobs are tasked solely with processing students’ work and exams, should not participate in the boycott, as this would wholly effect their livelihoods.

UCU lobbied parliament last week (Wed 2nd) as a result of the funding cuts on higher and adult education.

UCU General Secretary Sally Hunt said, “While other countries seem to recognise the value of investing more in education, the UK risks falling behind. Study after study has shown that investment in education and training pays dividends many times over.

“We know that skilled and educated people are the key drivers of economic growth, creating jobs and prosperity for the country. On a personal level, they are more likely to be happy, healthy and contribute to wider society outside of their workplaces. We need to demonstrate the importance of education to MPs and all political parties need to make clear ahead of the election what their plans are.”