Introducing your new committee: make us proud

I SWORE to myself  that I wouldn’t cry at our AGM.

I know I hate letting things go but I was determined it was good: I can go out, get a job… etc. Yes, that’s totally what I want (I’m only half kidding – I’d love for ASM to be my full time job but aaah, funding).

Seeing so many dedicated and fresh-faced students standing at the front, giving their speeches, answering (at times, HORRIBLE) questions thrown at them, really got to me. I can’t help but think that they halogo-en-cyve no idea what they’re getting themselves in store for: is that a good thing? Who knows. Some would say it is (me!), some… not so much.

Every year though, I think it surprises everyone what we pull off. We’re not really just a student media organisation any more, we’re a fully-fledged journalistic team with a hell of a lot of recognition, and I’m glad we’ve done that.

I know that last year’s committee were a little bit hesitant about handing over (I can say that, I was on that committee too). I say this now because once we didn’t elect a new News Editor (my position last year), I thought it would never happen, and whoever it was wouldn’t be good enough… etc etc. Thankfully, we had three lovely people stand for election in October, and Kisha won. Now I didn’t want to hand over to her. Desperately. But the thing is, I look back on what she’s achieved and I’m not only impressed as her predecessor, but massively proud of what she’s done to better this organisation. She’s completely blown anything I did out of the water, and I feel like a bit of a proud mum after seeing where she started and where she is now.

When I took on this role, I was the first ever holder. I could basically do what I wanted (within reason, of course), and I think I’ve shaped the role really well and now have a set pattern for the incumbent, and future generations. I really hope I’ve made everyone, especially our alumni, proud – the ones who voted on this committee structure especially, as they’re the ones who basically said I could do this.

I’m in the same position now as I was on October, handing over my position, but it feels so much bigger now. This website has consumed my entire life for two years: this year I almost eat sleep and breathe ASM… I don’t want to relinquish control, but after seeing who won the election last night, I think I’m slightly more OK about it.

What the committee this year has produced has… well just been incredible to be honest. Pretty much founding Bay TV and making it an established presence both here in Aber and nationwide (huge props to Rhian here who has pretty much singlehandedly done all of that) – keeping Bay Radio professional and moving towards national recognition – producing record numbers with the Courier, and (I know I’m biased here) producing a brand new website that not only boosts our own egos standing, but finally moves the society into a state of full integration.

I came to University to get a degree.

I’m leaving a different person, with the knowledge and pride that when a bunch of dedicated people get together, they can do anything.

Good luck to everyone next year. We all know you’ll do us proud.

Your new committee

Senior Managers

Chair: Rhian Hughes
Courier Editor: Katie Saint
Online Editor: Andrew Simpson
Radio Manager: Nick Robinson
TV Manager: Anastazja Fedorowicz

Content Team

News Editor (No Nominees)
Opinion Editor (No Nominees)
Arts Editor: Nadine El-Amami
Sports Editor: Illtud Dafydd
Lifestyle Editor: Sarah Thornhill
Features Editor: Emily Rowe

Bay Radio

Music Manager: Lauren Roberts
Studio and Equipment Manager: Ryan Owens

Support and Administration

Secretary: Cameron Smyth
Visuals Manager: Malgorzata Hryhorowicz
Advertising Manager (No Nominees)
Graphics and Design Manager (No Nominees)
Marketing and Live Events Manager: Eva Lightfoot
Sub-Editor (No Nominees)
Web Administrator: Kieran Dunbar
Photography Manager: Alex Tanton
Social Secretary: Rebecca James
Welsh Officer: Aled Humphreys